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Welcome to our online catalog!  We frequently update this website with our changing inventory.  You can re-visit us and see accurate information, with many pictures available at all times.  We truly appreciate hearing your feedback, so let us know if we can improve the way we present things.
You can e-mail us at:
You can search for an item in many different ways.  We have divided our items into the categories: Floor, Ceiling, Wall, Table, Exterior, and a generic category for all other items we call miscellaneous.  You can browse all the items in a specific category by clicking on the top right menu bar.
You can narrow your search for an item by typing in keywords in the search box.  You can further narrow your search by choosing a category from the search drop-down menu and then typing in a keyword.
We have added a tool to make your searching even easier.  We call it “My Wishlist ”.  If you come across an item you find of interest, you can add it to your wishlist.

The Antique Lighthouse - Rollin Wilber, Owner Manayunk/Roxborough section of Philadelphia, near Belmont Ave Exit on Schulkyll Expressway (Rte. 76)

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