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SINCE 1987, we at THE ANTIQUE LIGHTHOUSE have strived to be knowledgeable and attentive for all of our customers, on any matters, large and small.  We represent our items, and yours, as well as we can in respect to authenticity and value.  We genuinely care for old treasures.
AUTHENTIC VINTAGE INVENTORY: consisting of antique light fixtures, dating from 1840-1960.  However, they are not limited to that, as we may have anything at anytime.
RESTORATION: Our careful restoration maintains the integrity and antique quality of each piece.  We now extend these expert restoration services to your antiques and treasures.

A FEW NEW THINGS: in particular, a lovely line of 18th century bell jar reproduction hanging lamps.  The glass is very beautifully crafted, and they are an item from India we admire.  We also have some neat pull-down type lighting; imported from Turkey, for kitchen, den or task-light use.  Also, fine reproduction glassware (along with our ever-growing vintage selection).
OUR ANTIQUE LIGHTING: on display, are 1000s of “lighting devices” (as old lighting was often called), from small to large, single-light fixtures to 37-light chandeliers.  Every price range is covered from higher-end antique fixtures to a sweet, modest little vintage hall light.  There are countless ways to customize or tastefully alter our lighting & yours with our in-depth choices of crystal, glass shades, lamp shades, finishing, plus many interesting changes like socket sizing & candle covers.  WE DO IT ALL!!
TYPES: Chandeliers in crystal, brass, bronze, silver, iron, wood; wall sconces, small and large hanging lamps, pendants, gas lighting, early electric, candlesticks, candelabras, lustres, girandoles; floor lamps, torchieres, table lamps, novelty lamps; Exterior fixtures, lanterns.  ORIGINS: American, French, English, Italian, German, Spanish/Portuguese; provenance from many different companies, persons and parts of the world.  STYLES: Victorian, Federal, Colonial, Empire, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Classical, Neo-classical, Neo-greco, gothic, eastern, Eastlake, Arts & Crafts, medieval, traditional; the eclectic early 1900s & and more.
  PARTS: fine old and new crystal: crystal drops and prisms, hard to find pieces, glass and crystal in soft or strong colors, cut and lead crystal, garlands and jewels, ovals, almonds, pendants, pendalogues and spears.  Glass fruit shapes - apples, pears, cherries, grapes, leaves, clusters, balls & beads, smooth and faceted.
GLASS SHADES: vintage and new, many hundreds from which to choose.  All fitter sizes; globes, ball shades, early electric shades, domes, student shades, hand-painted, reverse-painted, hurricane glass shades, and many sizes of chimneys.  Art Glass, pressed glass, cut-glass, frosted, sand-blasted, etched glass, overlay & cased glass, torchiere shades, diffusers, cones. Lampshades, of course, in cloth and glass, custom and stock.
METAL PARTS: a stockroom full of vintage castings, spun metal, white metal, brass, copper & iron forms and shapes from which lamps and lighting is perfected and completed.  New replacement parts from specialty houses load our shelves, and are re-finished and adapted for careful use in much restoration.  When we can’t find it, we can usually make it.
LIGHTING NEEDS: all sorts of OLD & NEW mechanical parts for rewiring, sockets, shells, necks, bushings, bars, threading, pipe and tubing, decorative items for connection and joining; European to American lamp conversion.  Candle covers: Beeswax, resin, paper, fibre-drip, plastic, solid, brass sleeves, painted covers, black & gold, heavy “wax-look”, Arts & Crafts paper covered.

The Antique Lighthouse - Rollin Wilber, Owner Manayunk/Roxborough section of Philadelphia, near Belmont Ave Exit on Schulkyll Expressway (Rte. 76)

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